Akustinės durys (42 dB)


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  • construction: peripheral frame made of softwood with specialized board core, all covered with MDF board
  • cylinder lock, spacing 72 mm
  • single leaf 60’-90’
  • falling threshold
  • mechanical resistance class 3 (acc. to PN-EN 1192:2001)

K rebated door leaf:

  • 4 pintle hinges
  • additional seal in the rebate
  • dedicated door frame: Fixed MDF 42db

B non-rebated door leaf:

  • 4 hidden hinges
  • dedicated door frame: Fixed non-rebated MDF 42dB


  • national technical approval: ITBKOT-2019/1154, 1st edition
  • door can be used as entrance door
  • in order to fulfill KOT requirements, fire door must be installed together with a door-closer
  • cylinder locks size: 36/46 for rebated and non-rebated doors (for handle escutcheons with a thickness of approx. 10 mm)
  • other HPL decors available upon individual enquiries
  • decors not included in the standard offer are available with a rebate in brushed aluminum colour
  • Snow Ash is available while stocks last.
Svoris 150 kg


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